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I came to Joyce for help after a stress fracture ended my dream of running the Boston Marathon in 2015 and an orthopedist said he didn’t think that more long distance running was in my future.  Joyce didn’t believe a word of it.  She was convince that I could run the Marathon and she was right!  Working with her as I trained for it this year was an amazing experience.  She focused on my entire body, especially the areas that weren’t working so well.  At each step along the way, she figured out how to make the aches and pains recede.  She helped build up my strength and endurance and improve my body awareness through postural training and a variety of mobility drills.  All this got me to the point where I had the stamina to enjoy (and have a little kick) the last few miles of the marathon, something which I never would have believed possible!  I am so grateful to her for her insights and thoughtful way she approached my particular challenges.  I know that I will run better from now on because of her!  Liz H., 2016 Boston Marathon finisher, bib #30707

I’ve worked with Joyce for over 3 years now.  When we first started working together, my primary goal was my right hip issue that was impacting on my squash game and the long hikes that enjoy doing.  I ended up having my hip replaced and got back to training with Joyce 3 weeks later.   Despite having the surgery, years of compensating for my bum hip required retraining of my posture and balance.  I quickly realized that Joyce is remarkably talented at seeing and understanding the ways in which a body works, or doesn’t, and is then remarkably creative at finding ways of helping to relieve pain or strengthen weak muscles through mobility exercises.  Joyce has worked patiently with me to slowly unwind years of maladaptations and has helped me develop a better awareness of my body.  I’m happy to say that I am back on the squash court three times a week, moving better than I ever did! “  Charley L., Writer and Former Private Pilot

“Joyce has an extensive and ever-growing knowledge base on all things regarding health, nutrition and range of movement of the human body.  She is an excellent motivator, getting her to know her clients well and working with them to establish an achieve their goals.  I am constantly impressed at how hard she works to improve and update her knowledge and techniques.  Her dedication to her clients is unparalleled.”  Jonathan B., Owner of L. Bornstein & Company, Inc. and Blogger @ Enjoy Every Sandwich

Joyce knows her stuff.  A talented athlete in her own right, Joyce’s infectious attitude and passion for all things movement and nutrition make her a one-of-a-kind teacher.  Her training methodology is the perfect blend of holistic and scientific.  I’ve learned from my interactions with her over the past couple of years that when she speaks, listen with intent:  You will feel better, you will look better, and leave every session smarter and in a better mood than when you started.”  Corey P., Z-Health Master Trainer (2015) 

Contact Joyce at 617.480.0615 or affirmative.fitness@me.com for a free consultation.

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