We don’t stop playing because we grow old.  We grow older because we stop playing.

George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright

My approach to training clients and athletes combines a holistic and scientific approach that puts your nervous system and brain at the center of training.  Expect the initial assessment to last 90 minutes, which will include an in-depth review of your medical history, past injuries and surgeries, gait analysis, breathing habits and a variety of movement screenings. The purpose is  to identify underperforming areas of the brain along with physical limitations and compensations that are preventing you from living an active life that is meaningful to you.  My findings plus your specific goals will set the stage for designing a program that’s right for you.

Together we decide on the location and method that’s best for you.  We always have options. I typically work one-on-one with clients in the convenience and comfort of their own home.  I have a small office for private sessions.  However, given today’s concerns with Covid, virtual training via Zoom, Facebook or Skype is handy.  I also enjoy the energy of group training, which can easily be done online or outside when the weather improves.  So gather up your friends and let’s move on this!


Pain Reduction and Injury Rehabilitation

Often times the site of pain is not where the problem lies.  Pain is the brain’s defense mechanism to protect the body from further harm.  Understanding the role of the brain and brain maps are key components your to recovery.  To help me identify weak links and problem solve, a neuro-centric approach based on Z-Health® training system for pain and performance will be used for restoring pain-free range of motion & improving motor control. Your corrective exercise program may include postural re-education, joint mobility, isometric exercises along with a combination of strategies, such sensory stimulation drills, neuromechanic drills, fascial mobilization using RockTape, vagus nerve stimulation via diaphragmatic breathing, visual and vestibular activation drills, etc.

Respiratory Retraining

Covid complications, asthma, poor postural habits, lack of exercise, weight gain, stress & anxiety, a diet high in processed foods, mouth breathing, back pain, etc. will alter natural breathing patterns.  Dysfunctional breathing can lead to a long laundry list of body ailments and diseases. An assessment of your breathing habits will look at biochemistry, biomechanics and heart rate variability. A gentle corrective exercise program will include postural re-education and principles of the Buteyko Clinic Method.

Strength & Flexibility Training

The expression of strength & flexibility is brain derived.  If we lack control & variety in our movement patterns, the brain will put the brakes on performance to protect you from further injury.  To prevent injuries, a proper warm-up including joint mobility and nerve glides will be taught. To optimize your strength, Z-Health® brain-based principles of Bone Rhythm and Assess/Re-Assses will be seamlessly integrated into a variety of training modalities such as body weight, kettlebell, resistance bands, etc.

Sports Performance Training

Slow and fast paced movements should look effortless and coordinated. Efficient and effective movement, such as running, jumping, throwing and court sports, depends on your brain’s ability to synchronize the many joints and body parts.  To enhance your performance for your sport and prevent injuries, your training program will teach the basic foundational skills of agility, balance, coordination and speed.  

Sports Vision Training

Vision is so much more than 20/20 acuity.  Timing & rhythm of our movements in daily life and sport, sense of balance, driving abilities and ease of reading, all require the coordination of our eyes.  A full assessment of your vision skills, which will include convergence, tracking & pursuit, peripheral awareness, hand-eye coordination, near to far jumps, saccades, reflexive movements, etc. will be performed. Based on the results, a vision program will be designed to address those skills that are less  than optimal.

Nutrition Coaching

DIET stands for developing intelligent eating techniques. Food choices and behaviors are just habits created by the brain. Instead of trying to change old habits, together we can create new ones that will support a healthy lifestyle, boost your energy level, improve digestive health, enhance recovery, lose weight, change body composition, reduce the risk of disease. Knowing WHAT to do doesn’t really matter if you don’t know HOW to do it. Creating small changes will often lead to big things.

Contact Joyce at 617.480.0615 or for an initial consultation.

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