One of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself is a strong, healthy, coordinated, pain-free body.

How I Work

My approach to training clients and athletes is novel and different.  It combines a holistic and scientific approach that puts your nervous system and brain at the center of training. Individual training programs are aimed at reducing compensation patterns and developing increased body awareness, coordination, and enhanced performance in areas of sport, recreation, work, and daily life activities.

You won’t have to walk into a big box gym when you work with me, either. I most often work with clients in the convenience and comfort of their own home, but if that just isn’t possible then I do have backup locations available.

As we work together we will strengthen and condition your body utilizing a variety of tools, including body weight exercises, kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands, and medicine balls. While you get stronger and better, you’ll also develop efficient, coordinated movements through a technique called bone rhythm training, which shifts the focus off the muscular system and on to the skeletal system.

The 6 Training Domains

Because I work with the whole person, there are 6 primary domains that get addressed:


Pain Reduction and Injury Rehabilitation

Often times the site of pain is not where the problem lies. Pain, inflammation, muscle spasms and weakness are defense mechanisms to protect the body and should serve as action signals. Time to make a change! Re-educate your brain, restore range of motion and develop more efficient movement patterns through integrated training of the proprioceptive, visual, and vestibular systems.

Nutrition Coaching

Big things come from small things. Boosting energy level, improving digestive health, enhancing recovery, losing weight, changing body composition, reducing risk of disease. All require more than following a diet from a book. All life is about energy management. Knowing WHAT to do doesn’t really matter if you don’t know HOW to do it.  Figure out the small things so that you can do the things you want.

Sports Performance Training

Running, court sports, gardening, household chores.  All movement is a complex interaction of many joints and body parts.  Like an orchestra, all joints must contribute to make it look effortless and coordinated. Improve the quality of your movement patterns by learning how the smaller parts work separately and then together through integrated training.  Improve lateral court movements, stopping and starting skills, change of direction, lunging, rotation, jumping, etc.

Sports Vision Training

Timing, reaction and rhythm of movement in sport are all dependent on the visual cues you pick up from your environment and your opponent. Vision is more than 20/20 acuity.  Get your vision skills tested – tracking, peripheral awareness, hand-eye coordination, changing focus from near to far objects, saccadic eye movements, etc. It’s amazing how simple exercises can help you make faster decisions and move with more efficiency and speed in sport and life.

Strength & Flexibility Training

The majority of injuries often happen when we’re lacking flexibility and control over a variety of movement patterns.  Flexibility, mobility and strength training programs are necessary for maintaining your active lifestyle, speeding up recovery, preventing injuries and enhancing your sport. Your program – body weight training, resistance bands, kettlebells and free weights – will give you a sense of confidence, comfort and control over your movements.

Respiratory Retraining

Breathe better to feel better. Life’s stressors, low back pain, old forgotten injuries and surgeries can have a negative impact on how we breathe. Chronic, low-grade hyperventilation is a surprisingly common phenomenon that can lead to pain, chronic neck and shoulder tension, poor concentration, low energy, digestive issues, etc. Corrective exercises can have surprising results and simply be incorporated into your daily routine and training program.

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